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    Unable to install 64 Bit Kubuntu

    Let me give my system specifications first:
    Intel Core2Duo E4300
    XFX Nvidida 650i Ultra Motherboard
    XFX 8600GT GFX Card
    2GB Kingston Value RAM 667MHz DDR2

    I'm having trouble installing any 64bit Linux distro.I recently downloaded the Mandriva 2009 64Bit version, but upon installing 5%, the whole system freezes up.The CAPS LOCK and SCROLL LOCK leds keep blinking.

    I had thought that maybe the there was problems with the disc so i didn't investigate the problem further. But after a couple of days, i downloaded Kubuntu 8.10 64 bit, but even this installation failed.The computer freezes up after i press install.The CAPS LOCK and SCROLL LOCK leds keeps on blinking.Even on choosing the live option(without install) the computer freezes up.

    The next day i downloaded the 32Bit Kubuntu, and it installed very smoothly.So i'm sure there is some problem with my system.
    Any suggestions?

    PS: Right now i'm triple booting Windows XP, Windows Vista and Kubuntu.

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    Most likely a problem with the video drivers for the 8600.
    You may want to try different generic drivers or Nvidia drivers.

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    How do i do that?I mean there is no choice in the initial setup? also i'm new to linux, so kinda having difficulties

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    If the Caps and Scroll Lock lights flash, this often indicates kernal panic.

    Boot either using the alternate or live CD and install the command line system. Press F6 . Install a Command Line System. Remove splash and add the acpi=off entry in the kernel line.
    more kernal options-

    When the command line system has been installed you will be presented with a user prompt. Type sudo su; and log in with your user password, then type apt-get install kubuntu-desktop.

    If you still can't install, try the alternate cd install rather than the Live cd. Downloading Kubuntu | Kubuntu
    (Check the box , you need the alternate desktop CD), that uses a text-based installer

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    What could be the problem? I mean the 32Bit version installed without any glitches...I haven't yet tried the alternate version...But what i don't understand is why the 64bit versions of both mandriva and kubuntu lead to a kernal panic.
    Please guide me.

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    what is the base system on the computer? linux distro or windows?

    make sure you can acess the text based installer for the correct 64 install cd (doesent have to be a live cd)

    make sure that your computer is set to boot off the cd

    ---> configure x

    I needed to do this and found it somewhere on this site.

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    Sorry for the late reply...Wasn't in town
    Well i have a 250GB HDD. Which has 5 NTFS Partitions, 7GB Ext3 and 1 GB swap.
    I currently have Windows XP on C:/, Windows Vista on D:/ and Kubuntu(32 bit) installed.

    Now i have no idea how to set the installer in text mode.Also i'm running my 1.8GHz proccessor @ 3.0GHz since a year after running a lot of stability tests.My 667MHz RAM is running @733MHz.

    I was able to run the live CD of Fedora 9(i think its based on the eariler kernel than the one on Kubuntu 8.10 or Mandriva 2009) but that too froze after 5-10 minutes of using it.

    Could the problem be because of some hardware settings?like the SATA bus etc?

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