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    Ibex messed up my ability to connect to a network!!

    I have Ibex installed on my laptop and when I try to connect to my college network through the wired connection it will not connect and it will not connect to my college wifi (if it does it does so for 2 min at the very most). Ubuntu see the wired network and tries to connect to it but disconnects when it finally connects (if!!).
    For the wireless my college wireless is hidden and requries WPA enterprise but with the new network manager the options have changed such as PEAP version and Inner authent that the previous manager did not have.

    Everything worked perfectly on Hardy wireless and wired.
    I had a few issues conecting to my college network
    [ubuntu] apt.conf proxy error ( I think!!) - Ubuntu Forums
    But these were all fixed.

    My bashrc and apt.conf files still all have the correct proxy and user names and passwords.

    I can connect to the internet grand at home via normal wireless just college network has not response.

    Please help as this s my work computer ans it is rendered useless by this. Not too happy about this
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    Go back to the previous version. Bleeding edge upgrades
    are not for everyone. Sooner or later it will become sorted
    out, and you can safely upgrade.

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    Ahhhh noooo!

    Do I have to do a reinstall???

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    Yes, safest bet is to copy your home folder somewhere, take down the name of your programs and just reinstall, then put your stuff back in your home folder and your configs will be where they were before once you install the programs
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    ok thanks for the advice.


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    would gettin wicd make a difference?

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