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    Live CD - Desktop Effects

    Iíve been toying with the idea of dual booting a Linux distro for a number of years. I tried a couple of years ago, but didnít really get on that well.

    Having established that many popular distros now provide much better hardware support, and familiar processes Iíve been dabbling with a couple of live CDís.

    I really like OpenSuSE, but Iíve been having trouble getting it to display my drives.

    Last night I downloaded Ubuntu Live CD (8.x).

    I was very impressed, it had most of the applications installed that I needed, and it had my hard drives listed and ready to go. First impressions show that itís perhaps the closest Iím going to find to a distro that Ďworks a bit like windows and is as pretty as Mac osxí

    Firstly I wanted to enable the fancy desktop effects. Clicking on the Ďfull effectsí option, greyed the window and a message appeared telling me this wasnít possible.

    My immediate thought was that the drivers needed updating. So I browsed to the nvidia website, which told me I needed flash player.

    I tried to download and install both the .deb, APT installers for Flash, which completed successfully, but firefox still asked for a flash player to be installed.

    Feeling a tad defeated, I googled, and found this:

    The Smorgasbord | How to install Firefox Flash Plugin in Ubuntu Linux

    and after following the instructions to download and install the tar.gz from terminal, it still didnít work.

    Iím sure thereís a way around it, but it seems one problem leads to another, which leads to anotherÖ You can imagine how frustrating it is!

    Basically, all I want to know is how to get the desktop effects to work with my Nvidia 7600GST PCI-E card!

    Many thanks.

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    Not sure about the Flash thing. I browse the nVidia website all the time and don't have Flash installed:

    Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

    You can check these HowTos for some help on getting the official nVidia drivers installed:

    How to install Nvidia drivers in Ubuntu

    Ubuntu:Hardy - Guide

    Hope it all works out well for you.

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