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    Question [SOLVED] boot up is freezing

    I'm a complete noob to Ubuntu. I installed it on an old Sony Vaio Windows XP PC. just ran everything and it appeared to install completely just fine. But at the initial Boot up, it started past the Black Screen with orange Prog Bar, and then at one point let me "login". but that is it. it freezes cold, I left it solid for about 5 minutes and nothing happened at all. any ideas????

    I loaded 8.10 that was downloaded today. Please advise.

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    This is most likely a hardware driver problem. Did you boot into the LiveCD mode and then do the install, or did you just go straight to the installation?

    When it appears to be freezing, try to open a different terminal. This is done using the Ctrl+Alt+F1 keys. Change the F1 to any F key, one will be the screen that you booted into (the blank one). Do any of them have any boot messages? This can help with diagnosing the problem.

    Edit: If you log in as root to oine of the other terminals, you can access the boot log. Run this command, and the very last entry is most likely where it is hung up.
    cat /var/log/boot..log
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    Assuming that your PC isn't frozen, and you have access to a terminal as I described in the previous post, there is another way to see error messages.

    You can view the system log, one line at a time, as it is too large to fit on te screen.
    cat /var/log/dmesg | less
    Use the enter key to advance it one line at a time, or the up/down arrow keys. Your error is most likely towards the bottom of the file.
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    Thanks for the help paul!

    Blame it on ADD or impatience, I decided to try the load for 8.04, and it worked just fine. I may the 8.10 later, but it's just a PC for the kids to play internet games on, so it's not to pressing for me.

    thanks again, I'll remember these notes if I upgrade back to 8.10


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