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    Well that wasn't very nice!

    Every Thursday I restart my computer from Ubuntu so I can watch the latest Mark Fiore cartoon and check my website for spacing errors. Today I found out that the Ubuntu kernel upgrade that I downloaded earlier this week had added Ubuntu selections to the bootloader and eliminated suse 10. I checked with the partition manager and suse was still on the hard drive so I had to fix the bootloader. So I put in the first suse 10 disk and ran the automatic repair. At the end I had to repair the bootloader so that suse 10 could be used but i set the default for the one Ubuntu listing.
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    It looks like Ubuntu is starting to work like Windows. When I used to dual-boot XP and linux a Windows re-install would always wipe out the grub bootfile.
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    It looks like Ubuntu is starting to work like Windows.
    I made a similar comment in the, and it resulted in 9 pages of answers, (mostly from riled up Ubuntu users, although a few did agree with me) plus the Ubuntu forums staff elected to change the title of the thread because they/he/she didn't agree with it. Not only is Ubuntu beginning to act a bit like windows, the staff are becoming quite arrogant, IMHO.
    Too bad, says I.

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    While I don't use *buntu, I have noticed things like that in Fedora as well. I just made it a matter of course to keep a back-up of my menu.lst in a different naming convention. For example,
    That way, it shouldn't get overwritten by any type of update.
    Still not exactly sure why it happens though.

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    I think any distro that's trying to be "user-friendly" enough for the so-called "average" person to use will end up with these issues. The more automated configuration that occurs, the more abstraction and separation between the user and what operating system is doing, the more you'll run into it.

    This is what ultimately led me to Arch. Sure, there are times when you wish some of the mundane tasks would be automated, but the hour of hand configuration is completely worth the hours saved not fretting over the system doing things I didn't ask for or approve of.

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    Thanks for the tip, reed9, I am downloading ARCH now, to try it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reed9 View Post
    Make sure your read the Beginners' Guide
    ...and follow the steps in order.
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    Roger that...will do

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    Quote Originally Posted by techieMoe View Post
    ...and follow the steps in order.
    lol Says Techiemoe, preeminent Arch Linux fan.

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