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Thread: 2 distro

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    Question 2 distro


    i have 2 distro -opensuse 11.1 and ubuntu 9.04...

    can i combined one /home directory??

    how can i do??
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    I don't think so because each one is using different partition ,for example
    Suse /dev/sda1
    Ubuntu /dev/sdb1 so I don't know and wait for other responses so you and I can know the correct answer if mine is not
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    I'll have to find out when I install another distro, but I have /home in a separate partition, so I believe I can.
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    Yes you can, and you can share one swap as well:
    1. ubuntu root
    2. suse root
    3. home
    4. swap

    You won't be able to do this with primary partitions, however since you have more than three. Another thing to consider is the fact that your config files will be mixed, and if each distro runs a different version of software, things could get pretty ugly.

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    I feel its better to have a seperate partition for data storage, create mount points in individual distros with appropriate read-write access and to store all the data in that. Leave /home directories to individual distros.

    But if you are asking about possibility, yes it can be done.
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