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    Access to documents under Live session User

    Hi everybody,

    A few months ago my HDD crashed. I bought a new one and installed Ubuntu 8.10 with Gnome 2.24.1
    I was a new Linux user but being bored of Windows I gladly took the opportunity and get used to it. Upgrades were going great with Synaptic. I have to say I don't know much what to do with the terminal and command line.
    Then last month synaptic told me Ubuntu 9.04 was available. I thought it would probably be even better so I went for it. The install went great, it rebooted well, but then things started to go bad. First it still said the new Ubuntu 9.04 was available as if no upgrade had been made, then it started to crash, then wouldn't boot any more.
    So I booted on the CD I installed Ubuntu 8.10 with in the first place. I chose to install, got the message everything on my disk would be erased unless I made a partition, which I did (by the way there it said I had Ubuntu 9.04). Unless now it doesn't run any more, I got the message 'Grub loading 1.5... error 18'.
    I can boot on the CD (for a while it wouldn't but now it works), under a Live session user, I can see my disk (the 2 parts of it actually). I managed to save some of my files to an external HDD, but most of them are protected. I don't understand why, because they were 'made' the same way, but for most of them I got the message 'access denied' bc I am not the owner. None of these files were password protected. And the property states the content as 'unreadable'. I tried to go around it by copying to a CD, e-mail or archive them but the system is clever than me. I have the user name and password under which they were created, but if I try to log on another user account it just freezes the computer. Is there a way to save my data before formatting the HDD and starting all over again?
    And do you recommend to upgrade to the 9.04 version of Ubuntu?

    Sorry for the length of my post but I thought explaining the whole process would help.
    Thanks for your help,

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    I am not sure but if you run
    in the LiveSession what is the output
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    Thanks for the answer, I'll try it tomorrow. I suppose it will tell me users name?

    My husband managed to add a user with the same username and password and it worked. Don't know how he did it, I tried it myself the same way and it didn't (the window showed a root user, which it didn't when I tried it). It seems that we don't get exactly the same things each time we boot on the CD.
    Anyway we could recover our data, re-installed the 8.10 ubuntu version, decided before doing anything else to try and upgrade to 9.04, which wouldn't work. So we are currently downloading the iso file to see if re-installing direcly from a 9.04 CD works. I'm not convinced I'll keep it though, but I guess it's better to test it before re-installing all our favorites softwares.


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