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    Question Kubuntu installation problem

    hello, I am trying to install kubuntu 9.04 on my computer, the problem is I can't get past the main screen on the setup, the one where it says "install kubuntu, check disk for errors, etc..." When I click on any option I hear my disk drive spin down and then my computer beeps and restarts. I have been trying for a few hours now and I can't seem to find anything wrong with the bios settings.

    bios info -

    first boot device- CDROM
    second boot device- Hard Disk
    third boot device- CDROM <- changing this to "none" does nothing.

    Hard disk boot priority

    1. SATA5 : SAMSUNG HD501LJ
    2. Bootable Add-in Cards


    It seems to reboot whenever the installation process does somthing "by itself" for example if I do not select a language within 25 seconds it tries to auto select english, but when it does it freezes, then reboots

    I have tried apci=off and the simple graphics mode, neither have worked.

    While typing this I clicked on try without altering files by accident, for some reason (unknown to me) it loaded it up. The trial looks very good but im really after a full install.
    I have just tried the trial again, but it rebooted this time

    any help would be much appreciated

    just tried a Windows XP boot cd out of curiosity- I got to the bit where it says --Boot from CD press any key to continue--
    on the next screen it came up with install or repir -> I clicked install. The some thing happened as with kubuntu - the drive span down and my computer resarted!
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