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    So I will mount my Windows partition as /windows?

    My swap partition is already formatted as a "swap area."

    For my shared partition, if I format it as FAT32, the only mount point available is /dos. Is that okay?

    If I do all that, will my shared partition be visible to read/write by both Vista and Ubuntu?

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    In order for you to access files and folders on the partition in Linux you need to mount the partition.

    To do this you create the folder to mount the partition to ... lets say /my_data_partition_info_here using
    mkdir /my_data_partition_info_here

    You can list the folder contents and it should be empty ... use
    ls /my_datat_partition_info_here

    Then you mount the partition to it ... lets say the partition is /dev/sda4 and its FAT32 then we could use
    mount /dev/sda4 /my_data_partition_info_here

    now if you list /my_data_partition_info_here again it shows the contents of partition sda4
    ls /my_data_partition_info_here

    You will find examples on the forums and on the net of people trying to explain what mounting a partition is ...

    Ed: you can mount the data partition to /dos or /whatever_you_want_to_call_it ... the installer will probably let you type something else instead of /dos if you want

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