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    There are no stupid questions, but I am a inquisitive moron :)

    Hey guys I have a machine that I have installed Vista and Ubuntu on.

    I don't have access to it at the moment, therefore trial and error isn't possible atm, also I couldn't find any answers on the forums so I apologize if these questions have been answered before.

    1. Now that Ubuntu is installed what is the easiest way to repartition the hard drive to give more space to the file system used by Ubuntu? (I need more space for linux apps )

    2. Is it possible to change the default os of choice at boot?
    Currently if left unattended for 5 seconds Ubuntu will boot up, I would like to change it into Windows Vista.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    I'd recommend using the PartedMagic LiveCD for your partitioning chores.

    Yes, you can edit your GRUB menu list file (menu.lst) to make the OS of your choice boot by default.

    Check this HowTo for other options that might appeal to you:

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    Thank you for the very quick reply!

    I tried creating a separate partition of ca. 20 gb in ext3 and well for some reason it was unsuccessful so the "free space" which was allocated simply remained unused.

    I'd tell you the error message, but as the stupid n00b I am I just clicked ok. (Are there any logs to be found anywhere?)

    When I tried to boot up Vista this caused problems and wouldn't boot up, but as soon as I reallocated the space to my NTFS partition it started working again.

    I had ca. 50 gb of free space before attempting this and ca. 30 after the partition. I'm guessing that the 20 gb that were allocated came from parts of the NTFS system which contained data, because once I reallocated everything worked again. Please correct me if I'm making faulty assumptions as I'd like to understand more.

    Shouldn't partition magic create the partitions from the parts of the HD deemed as "empty"? It seems kinda retarded if it wouldn't operate thusly...

    I'm thinking of removing the ubuntu partition and then reinstalling, and manually create more space from the installer.

    Also thanks for the GRUB menu list file information. That solved it

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    Its really easy to resize partitions using GParted Partition Manager and there is not need to re-install Ubuntu. GParted is available in Ubuntu CD. Look for it in Administrative Menu. We have to check existing partition structure of your harddisk.
    Execute this in Terminal :
    sudo fdisk -l
    df -h
    Post output here.

    *Its small L in fdisk -l.
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    I had this same project recently. I'm new to Linux, but here's what I did that worked.

    Make a windows parition from the free space available, since you don't all ready have one(or didn't mention it). Don't put anything in it. Back up important data before you do this, in case you lose something. Then run disk defrag on C:/, for extra insurance.

    Boot into Ubuntu with your Live Cd. Once in, bring up the terminal and type in gksu gparted That will bring up a paritioning menu that you can edit.

    Now you can shrink the new NTFS partition(should be about 50gb) to the minimum amount, and make an ext3 partition from the free space left over.

    Hope that helped.

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    Hey guys, once again thanks for the replies!

    The answers and willingness to help within this community is awe-aspiring!

    I ended up opting for just reinstalling ubuntu after removing the partition as I hadnt installed anything important anyway. Now it works great and here comes another question -

    Again I have looked for answers to this but I cant find any, but I apologize if the answer is "clearly" found somewhere.

    I have a Nvidia gfx card on my tablet pc and currently I'm using an external screen with it and have set the settings as thus (dual screens), but I would like the computer to only use the external screen (for which there is an option) and once unconnected automatically reconfigure to the laptop screen. Is latter part possible, or am I just too comfy with windows?


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