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    Angry Ubuntu installation problem (Virtual Machine)

    okay to start off im not advanced at linux at all, or ubuntu for that matter. im a pc kinda guy. okay here is the issue....i am trying to dual boot my pc so i can check ubuntu out a little and see if i like it. i want to try others realms as far as computing goes. so i went to and downloaded the ubuntu 9.04 (the latest version) and i burned the os to a dvd. well also i downloaded virtual machine 2007 from and after i got that installed i popped in my burned ubuntu cd and setup everything up with virtual machine like how much RAM is gonna be used for running ubuntu and so i set virtual machine to use 3 gigs of ram and like 16 gigs of my hard drive. well after i did that i started virtual machine and the black screen popped up and i told it to use (physical drive D) and after i did that it went thru a little process checking the ram and stuff and then after a few mins it told me that (no filename recieved) and then it said (insert boot media and restart i think) im not sure exactly what it said...but it was something along those lines...if anyone knows linux like the back of their hand then im sure you know what i am talking about. after i had those problems i changed my pc so it would boot from cd and everything. i also changed the boot menu in virtual machine (going thru setup) and told it also to boot from cd. at this point i really dont know what to do. like i said before if there is anyone out there who could help me i would greatly appreciate. for reference my computer specs are as follows...this might be of some help. i am running a custom built pc that i built myself.....Windows Vista Ultimate, Asus M3A78-T Motherboard, 6GB's of INVIDIA RAM, AMD Phenom Quad-core 9500. someone out there please help me...thanks. zack,

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    That seems like an awful lot of trouble just to try out Ubuntu. There is an easier way.

    First of all Ubuntu can load from a CD and run without making any changes to the hard drive and without having to mess with partitions, etc.

    Once you have an Ubuntu iso of the operating system you will want to burn it onto a CD. Use the best burning program you have and use the slowest speed possible. (from 1-4x max.)

    Check the md5sum of the image to make sure there were no flaws in the burning process.

    After you have a good copy load it into the cd/dvd rom and restart your computer from the D:/ drive.

    Ubuntu will load and give you the option to run a live version that does not effect your computer. That will let you play with it, change it, and explore it on your own risk free. Now if you decide you like it and you want to duel boot Linux + on...

    Reboot back into Vista and under System Administration there should be a feature for disk management. You will want to shrink your vista partition to whatever size you want but leave at least 10 GB for Ubuntu. You resize in MB so keep that in mind.

    After you shrink the volume you should see a chunk of hard drive space as "unallocated". This is what you are looking for.

    Run the live Ubuntu version again and on the desktop you should see an install short cut. CDouble click it and it is self explainitory. When you get to the partition part, simply tell Ubuntu to install on "all available space". (that is the unallocated space you made previously in vista.) After that again more stuff that is really very simple. If you ever installed windows yourself you can do this too, it is in fact easier as Ubuntu will take you by the hand and guide you at every step.

    After install reboot and simply choose what O.S. you want to run and have fun.

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    Did you burn .iso image as image only? .iso images are bootable by default and if you create bootable DVD manually, it will not work.

    Set DVD Drive as First Boot Device in BIOS. Does Ubuntu DVD boot up fine?
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