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    Installing Unbuntu only 2 options!!!

    Ok, while installing Unbuntu, when selecting the partitions, there is only "Use the whole disk for Unbuntu" or "Manually select the partition". I dont want to use my WHOLE disk for Unbuntu, so I chose to manually do it. BUT when I go into the menu I have NO IDEA what to do from there. Any help? Thanks!

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    Hi and Welcome !

    Best way is, create two partitions using GParted Partition Manager. Its available in Ubuntu LiveCD.

    ext3 - 10-15GB for /
    SWAP - 512MB - 1 GB

    Select Manual Partitioning and assign / mount point to ext3 partition. Installer will detect SWAP partition and Windows Partitions ( if any ). Continue installation.

    In case you have any confusion regarding partition resize/creation, boot up from Ubuntu LiveCD and open Terminal.
    Execute this
    sudo fdisk -l
    Post output here.

    * Its small L in fdisk -l.
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    Would I need to make a new Partition? Because I have a 200GB partition alread deticated to Unbuntu (and I have 300 GB for Vista).

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    If you've already got a partition ready for Ubuntu, then during manual installation, just make sure to use that partition.
    Be very careful, though, NOT to overwrite your Vista installation!

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    I had a similar issue come up before when I did a duel boot with Vista. Ubuntu would not give me the option to take over all available "free space" which is what you want it to do. The easiest way to configure a duel boot with Vista is to get Vista to take up the entire hard drive first. Then from within Vista

    Start -> System -> Partitions -> Volume Shrink

    You are going to tell Vista to shrink its partition down to whatever you want it to be. If Vista won't shrink as small as you want it then visit this link.
    Working Around Windows Vista's "Shrink Volume" Inadequacy Problems :: the How-To Geek

    After Vista is down to the size you like boot into the live CD and click install. This time around in the partition part you will get a third option, which is for Ubuntu to take up all available free space, which will be the "unallocated" space you will see left over from the Vista shrink. If you do it like this the live CD won't even touch Vista. After the install when you boot up Grub takes over and allows you to choose to boot into Ubuntu or Windows Vista.

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    Thank you very much!

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