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    [SOLVED] Something weird happened today...

    I only have a 3g card for internet. Whenever I want to connect with ubuntu, I first have to connect in windows, then reboot into ubuntu. That lets me connect.

    Today, I selected the wrong OS and pressed ctr+alt+delete to quickly reboot. When I did that, it messed something up, because now I can't boot into ubuntu with the 3g card in(after its been connected to windows, otherwise it will). Right after I restart from windows, it skips my BIOS screen and goes straight to a blank screen with a blinking dash in top right corner, much like ubuntu does at boot/shutdown. I cant get past this into the actual boot screen unless I press the power button(gasp!) on my tower. It seems to liek that, though, shuts off immediately and then ubuntu reports no errors. But obviously something happened... any idea? Maybe fschk would fix it?

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    If you're using a Huawei modem, you might be interested to know that it has a virtual CDROM onboard. That's how they get the drivers to Windows users. Your system will see it as a USB CDROM drive.

    If you have your dongle plugged in at boot time your BIOS might be trying to boot from it. If you corrupted the filesystem during one of the hard boots it may mess things up. Alternatively if you had recently changed your boot order this could be the problem. Have you tried unplugging the device while booting?

    Another thing to watch is that during reboot on some machines, they don't show the BIOS screen. You will see it on a full shutdown after powering it back on.

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    Umm... nevermind... I fixed it. Ran fschk and some other utilities and that seems to have not only have fixed it, but made my internet faster. Sorry... I'm still new at this. I expected it to be more of a hassle than this to fix.

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