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    Disabling SSH in eeebuntu

    Ok. Absolute newbie. I'm trying to secure my computer from my brother, who is a hacking expert. A kind and wise group of Linux folks told me to disable SSH. I googled:
    disable SSH Ubuntu
    All the instructions tell me to edit the file:
    However, this file does not seem to exist on my computer. (I guess this is because I'm using eeebuntu 3.0, not true Ubuntu.)
    In /etc/ssh I have:
    * moduli
    * ssh_config

    Should I edit one of those?

    Or am I on the wrong track altogether? I am looking at the physical GUI files. Am I supposed to open a terminal and type one of those nifty sudo commands?

    Sorry I'm so clueless! Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Well, there are a couple of options. If you don't intend to use ssh at all, you could just uninstall the server.

    sudo apt-get remove --purge ssh-server
    Or you can turn off the ssh daemon through System->Administration->Services

    Or you can block it from your /etc/hosts.deny file.
    sudo gedit /etc/hosts.deny
    and add the line sshd: ALL

    You can also block all hosts from there with ALL:ALL in which case only hosts explicity allowed in /etc/hosts.allow could connect.

    More info: Keeping SSH access secure

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