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    Email application

    I used Thunderbird on Hardy.
    I don't know why, but recently, it crashes all the time and became not usable.
    It's the same when I removed it and reinstalled...
    I'm thinking of using a different one.
    Can anyone recommend?

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    You can find some email client options here:

    Email | Linux App Finder

    Claws Mail is a nice client.

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    A better solution may be to try and find out why Thunderbird is crashing. The fix may be simple. Although I have no expertise in this area as my Thunderbird application has never crashed, but I did have a migration question that was answered promptly on the Thunderbird (mozilla) forum.
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    I agree, thunderbird is by far the best client. Try this, make your home thunderbird folder (.mozilla-thunderbird) to .mozilla-thunderbird.backup

    then restart thunderbird, it'll set up a new profile, see if any crashes, if not just move email folders over to the new profile
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