The only way I have to connect is via 3g access card. Normally, for it to work in Ubuntu, I have to first boot into windows, connect, then restart into Ubuntu. The problem is, is that all of a sudden when I try to do this, when I go to restart my pc, I get my BIOS screen like normal, but then instead of displaying my GRUB, I just get a black screen with a single blinking dash, like I'm in a prompt, but I can't type anything. If I pull out the card, and hit ctrl+alt+delete and restart with the card out, I can boot. I can also boot just fine If I boot with the card in, without first going into windows. I did not change any system settings at all, this just happened put of the blue.

Now, I'm still able to connect. Ubuntu has suddenly started picking my card, it just takes a few minutes. Still, its inconvenient having to wait.

Also, I've noticed that now when I boot with my card, I get "SMB Lite v3.4... something", like it wants me to install the card, but when I try it fails. I'm guessing because it can't install in Linux? Still, I thought that was wierd. It didn't do that prior to Jaunty.

Any idea on what my Ubuntu is doing here? Its done this before, but I was able to fix it via troubleshooting boot option: fschk+ package repair. But now that isn't working anymore.