I posted how easy it was to install graphics drivers using Envy but...
I have tried to get the graphics on my PC at work to run smoother using Envyng to install the ATI driver I need for my Radeon X600 series card. It is fitted to a Dell Optiplex GX620.
I followed Alberto's guide to the letter which tells us that Envyng is installed by default with Jaunty - it is in the System Tools sub-menu when I install it using Synaptic but, when I click on Envyng there is nothing after this.
I followed Alberto's guide for uninstalling everything Envy and reinstalling. Now when I test the graphics using the Sky Rocket screensaver I get a blank screen with Visual Effects set to 'None' and with Visual Effects set to 'Extra' I get a few moments of good rendering then the screen goes blank and the PC appears frozen. I reboot into Recovery Mode and fix graphics. This gets me to the Desktop environment once more where I check what has happened and find the System Tools sub-menu gone. I try reinstalling Envyng as there is no driver in the 'Hardware Drivers' applet but, Terminal reports that the two items of Envy - -qt and -core are already installed.
What is happening. According to another source Envy used to download and install the necessary drivers in the process but, now with the latest version it just installs them as they should be in Jaunty but, where? I have no driver.
I get a feeling that there is no driver for this card and if so what can I do to ensure smooth running on the PC. Oh and when the PC screws up I loose my LAN connection at work too and have to repair broken packages in Recovery Mode to get it back.