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    I know a easy way to do it manually. I noticed that ubuntu allows me to access it, so I'm planning on doing the old copying and pasting into a external drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuniorD View Post
    I got this when I did a reboot:

    Yukon PXE v3.5.2.3
    (C)Copyright 2003-2005 Marvell(R). All rights reserved.

    Pre-boot eXecution Environment (PXE) v2.1
    (C)Copyright 1997-2000 Intel Corporation.
    PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable.
    PXE-MOF Exiting PXE ROM.

    Note: This is a laptop.
    The error message you posted above indicates that your machine is trying to do a network boot. Check your BIOS to make sure it is set to boot from the HDD first. If it's set to boot from HDD first, make sure the drive is seated properly and the drive cables are well connected.

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    Well, now I can't do anything. That thing you guys got me to do corrupted everything... I'm just gonna use the recovery disk.

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    Supergrub writes generic Windows bootloader code to MBR only, and is the safest way to go ... backup data is also a good thing to do ...

    Backup data and a fresh install may work for you ... but I can't see any suggestions which result in corruption of data

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    Well, its corrupt. Tried all available options to me and couldn't back it up. Ah well, I have a lot of mirrored data on my desktop. Won't result in any catastrophy of data loss.

    Note: Recovered everything, running fine. Planning on upgrading it to the windows 7 rc.

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    I usually use PartedMagic for partition manipulation, also use it to mount partitions and copy data to an external drive. For drive imaging I use Clonezilla. Add to that Supergrub and most issues can be fixed, and data can almost always be recovered ... hard drive failure being the exception .

    I always recommend user data backup before changing partition information ... by this I mean the family photos, that report you have been working on for the last three years etc. If in your case most stuff is already backed up thats fine ... but genuine data loss rather than system unable to boot from hard drive should be rare.

    Good luck with Windows 7 ... I have run it in a VM briefly - but have no intention of giving it hard drive space in future. If I were you I would install and activiate XP and image the drive before installing Windows 7.

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    Already did that. Trying to throw the baby on a USB. DVD+Rs aren't being friendly to me. Anyways, thanks, and if you ever need any graphics or anything, stop by I run the graphics department there.

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