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    I Can't install Ubuntu

    hey people, i'm a newbie on Linux, and i wanted to try ubuntu as my first Linus OS.

    at the moment of installation, everything goes well, after a few moment where the following error comes up:

    "error executing command
    >>command=c:\Windows\System32\bcdedit.exe /set
    {3d7753b8-985e-11de-9a68-fbe269a4a7ec}device partition=D:
    >>stderr=error when establishing the element's data (spanish translated).
    request not compatible.


    for more information, please see the log file:

    what can i do about this error? i've already did the chkdsk thing, and also looked for error on the Hard-drive, but the error is still there. plz help! =( y really wanna try ubuntu =(

    thanks beforehand,


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    So it looks to me that you're using the Windows installer. I've never used the Windows installer, so I know very little about it. However, I might suggest trying the LiveCD installation instead. Not only will the LiveCD allow you to try out Ubuntu without making any changes to your HD (it boots directly from the CD), you can install from the CD using the native Linux tools instead of having to work within Windows.

    You can download the CD image and get some instructions at:

    Download Ubuntu | Ubuntu

    Good luck!

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    yeah, i've already tried that, but when it comes to selecting how much space i want for the OS, another error comes up, like if it doesn't recognize partitions made with dynamic windows partitioner or something like that, and i don't want to gie 170GB of free space to Ubuntu i just want like 20GB for it, so i don't know what to do can you give me a simple guide to install it in another partition?



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    if you are using vista or windows 7 they have a disk utility built in that resizes partitions, you can create free space this way, and it is safest

    if you are using xp then you need to download and burn partedmagic livecd and use this to resize, make sure you defrag disk in windows and back up important data first

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    I don't remember the exact details of the Ubuntu installation, but there are many distributions that have built in partitioning utilities that come up during the installation. For example, when I install Mandriva the utility to partition my drive comes up and Iím able to select custom partitioning.

    Note: You should create two different partitions; one for the root system / and one for a Linux swap space.

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    It seems that you have a Dynamic Disk Setup, amd UBUNTU does not support this.

    I had the same problem, so I converted from Dynamic Disk to Basic (without data loss), then teh wubi error was gone.

    I think the software is called Dynamic Disk Convertor (or something), and there is a guide on th site on how to switch to BASIC disk setup.

    Good Luck

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