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    Question [SOLVED] Digital Camera


    I started using Kubuntu 9.10 about three days ago. I want to get images from my digital camera, a Kodak M 1063. First, I tried the suggestion of simply connecting it to the USB port to see if any program could recognize it, but nothing happened. Next, I installed libphoto2-2.4.8 from the repository using the kpackage kit. I can see the program icon inside the Gwenview application, but I can't run it. Then, someone in this forum suggested I install gtkam, which I did using the Konsole. I can locate the program inside the graphics menu, and it recognized my camera (connected to the usb port), but still can't get images from it and it doesn't have a help feature. I just don understand how this program gtkam works. Any help will be appreciated. I'm already very happy with all the support I have been given in this forum.

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    Also there is a man page. In a terminal do
    man gtkam
    But it shouldn't be any more complicated that going to File->Save Photos

    You might also want to try digikam.
    sudo apt-get install digikam
    Documentation | digiKam - Photo Management Program

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    Does this camera have a storage card (SD, CD, or similar)? If so, then the card should be mountable on your system, though you might need a USB card reader. If not, then as mentioned, digikam is a reasonable option, and should interface with your camera ok.
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    You could also install and try showFoto
    sudo apt-get install showfoto
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