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    Exclamation bootable linux usb stick???

    Can someone point me in the direction or tell me how I can install and make bootable a usb stick. I have tried multiple walkthroughs on this subject and not one of them has worked, i am trying to do this via windows, i cant get any workable wifi drivers for linux i have an atheros wifi card. the closest i have come to getting the usb to work is the splash screen then it freezes and this was with linux live usb creator 2.0 it doesn't matter which ones i've tried i can't get them to work no matter what version i try to use. it's driving me mad. please only link or give me a walkthrough that you personally have tested and can 100% verify that works. i want the usb to boot without having a hardrive present in the computer. i just got a possible driver that will work for my wifi card and i will put that on the stick too then install it when i get the usb stick to boot into linux. and if anyone can provide me this a million thanks. i honestly dont know why there are so many walkthroughs on this subject that dont work it's silly. oh and besides bookmarking each post i make where is the button that links you to your own posts without having to manually search them out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by neilmaclennan View Post
    where is the button that links you to your own posts without having to manually search them out?
    You can click on your username to get a listing of your own threads/posts. Check this thread for more information on how to use the forums:

    If you've not already done so, you can check the Pendrive Linux website for lots of instructions on creating various bootable linux USB drives:

    Boot and run Linux from a USB flash memory stick | USB Pen Drive Linux

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    thanks for telling me how to get my posts. and i have tried quite a few of the pendrive linux walkthroughs to no avail.

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    i tried the usb installer, it didnt create a bootable bootmgr, when i turned the computer on it said there wasn't one, and when i reverted back to windows the drive did have linux on it but was soy you could install linux not an actual linux drive

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    i just tried unetbootin and i got the same message "bootmgr is missing press ctrl alt del to restart"

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    Hmm, never seen that error before. I would assume in the context of unetbootin and linux, it means that somehow the syslinux boot loader didn't get installed properly.

    The only thing I could really find though was this page, which at the bottom mentions the error and directs you here.

    That is specific to Windows Vista not booting though.

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    when i use the regular boot method i.e. hdd first then usb i don't have that problem, i think the problem is that there isn't a bootmgr loaded onto the usb stick when i installed Linux onto it, which in turn is preventing it from booting. i need to find a way to put a bootmgr onto the usb stick along with the Linux operating system so that i wont get that message.

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    First of all what size is that flash drive? 1-2 Gig drives work the best.
    Have you tried a different flash drive? Some flash drives are incompatible for various reasons. Have you tried it on a different computer?

    Try using Unetbootin again and follow the directions in post #3 found here;
    [all variants] BOOTMGR is missing - Ubuntu Forums

    You also mentioned that you tried making this bootable drive from within Windows.
    Have you tried creating one from within a live Ubuntu session? May be a security setting in Windows that is blocking the installation of the boot loader into the flash drive.

    Bootable drives and CD/DVD's are never a given or guarenteed to work.
    We assume that they all will work but there are many variables that can cause it not to boot.

    Good luck!

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    i'm using a 16gb drive and no i only use one computer this one. and no i havent tried it in a live ubuntu session.

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