I decided to install Ubuntu yesterday after thinking about it for a while and browsing their site. I mainly use this computer for word processing and surfing the internet, and though I enjoy games, this computer doesn't have the hardware for anything remotely good. I also dabble in programming a bit - mostly Php or Java.
So anyway, downloaded and installed with the windows Wubi client, everything worked perfectly for 8-9 hours. Then about half an hour ago I was spontaneously disconnected from the internet, and a message box asked for the network password. I rewrote it (I am 100% sure it's right - it worked then and it works on windows as i'm (unfortunately) typing this now) clicked connect, box pops up again. Repeat around five time, finally it tells meI'm no longer connected to the internet. I've tried restarting the modem/adapter and completely reconfiguring the connection with no luck.
Bear in mind I'm not super-amazing, so I'll need a little guidance for command-line stuff (and I'm a newb to Linux/Ubuntu).