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    OS views all USB drives as owned by 'root'.

    *(: Linux_Forum_post_101025_.txt

    OS views all USB drives as owned by 'root'.
    My internal 40 Gig drive files appear properly owned by 'glene77is'.
    My primary backup is a 320 Gig with all files now owned by 'root'.

    Using the filemanager "Nautilus", all USB external devices must be accessed as 'usb0', 'usb1', 'usb2', etc.
    The device names such as 'Alpha', 'Beta', 'Cappa' are not usably recognized in the menu options.
    Nautilus shows their names and the usb# as menu options for browing a device directory.
    Nautilus will open only the usb# menu option. Then sees all files as owned by 'root'.

    I did make some 'copy' operations via PCMan from the internal to the external drive.
    They copied as expected, owned by 'root'.

    Standard Filemanager (Nautilus 2.30.1) will not copy
    from the internal HD into any external USB drive device
    because all external drive devices are seen as owned by 'root'.

    I can use filemanager "PCMan" in superuser mode to make copies, in and out,
    Outgoing files end up being owned by 'root'.
    Incoming files are owned by 'root'.

    My 320 Gig USB drive appears to be fully owned by 'root'.
    Last week it was fully owned by 'glene77is'.
    Last week Nautilus and Grsync (backup) worked fine.

    Aside from re-installing Ubuntu 10.04 and fetching upgrades to 10.10,
    is there some setting that I can fix.
    Can you point me in a good direction for further reading.

    Thanks from an old DOS / assembler man,
    who is a newbie to the network-aware Linux.


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    Memphis, TN
    I will read your suggested thread.
    There is a lot to learn,
    and it is easy to trip-up on something.

    I have just transferred my 'created data' to my backup computer,
    so I am in a good position to simply re-install on my main computer,
    if need be.

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