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    Ubuntu 10.10 Won't Boot/LiveCD Won't Boot

    I had previously installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop, however in the process of installing some packages, I did something that kind of... broke it (don't ask me exactly what packages... there were a lot of them, a system of dependent packages I needed to install a program). When I try to boot my computer, it gets stuck on a purple screen that says "Ubuntu 10.10" with five red dots underneath that.

    So, I took my LiveCD and attempted to re-install it, however when I boot from my CD it doesn't load. I get a purple screen with a small image at the bottom, then a black screen with a flashing cursor in the top left corner, and finally just a plain black screen. And that's where it stops.

    Help, please?

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    Dependent packages for what program?
    How were you installing?
    Were you using Synaptic Package Manager?
    Downloading from the Ubuntu repositories?
    Downloading from the internet?
    Is Ubuntu the only operating system on the laptop?

    You haven't given enough information for anyone to do any more than make guesses.

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    Sorry... I am complete newbie with absolutely no real idea what I'm doing.

    My Windows laptop died in the middle of my work on a presentation, and so I had to do an emergency switch over to my Linux laptop - of which I had gotten so far as to install the OS, and not any further.

    I needed to install a chemical structure drawing program to keep working, and the packages required had a lot of dependencies. So I was working through these, trying to get them all.

    I was not using Synaptic Package Manager, I was using the command line. All of the ReadMe files provided websites for the packages on which they were dependent, so I was downloading them from there, and I was installing as indicated in the readme files (usually ./configure, make, make install).

    Ubuntu is the only OS on the laptop.

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    Did you actually complete the installation of the packages and their dependencies?
    Did you have problems with the downloads? installation? configuration? any error messages?
    Did you stop before completing installation? configuration?
    Without any information on the type of packages/dependencies you were installing it's difficult to say what the problem might be.

    Are you sure you have the CD set to first boot priority in the BIOS?

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    It sounds like your graphics driver or x org file is fouled up. If you have access to another computer, download gparted or parted magic and repartition your hard drive. Next, reinstall from your live cd, and this time use synaptic for your upgrades/downloads. There may be ways to fix your present system, but the simplest is to start over.
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