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    Ubuntu - Screen Problems and Shutsdown

    Hello All,
    I have raised an issue which is driving me mad on the Ubuntu Forums but so far have drawn a blank. Was wondering if anyone here can help.
    Am running Ubuntu 10.04 with 2.6.32-21 - generic.
    Have Dell GX260 - has Intel 845 chipset. 1GB RAM. Latest BIOS A09.
    Using 23 inch wide screem LG monitor running 1440x900 and also trying 1680x1050 with onboard graphics.
    Quite randomly PC flickers, goes black but does not shut down.
    My first thought was a hardware issue but I have an identical Dell GX260 and I get the same result if I swap the OS over.
    Have changed all the 'common' hardware ie mouse and keyboard [both USB] and even the monitor.
    To make sure hard drive is OK I have copied OS to another hard drive - still same result.
    Now I read somewhere that there COULD be some issue with the later kernels and Intel 845 chipsets but although I am good on hardware I am only average in Ubuntu detail, so am unable to pursue that particular point.
    I dont know how to roll back to an earlier kernel - my /boot folder only has 2.6.32-21.
    Has anyone any ides or thoughts on all this ?

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    To test the kernal idea, download 8.04 from, it uses kernal 2.6.24. Run it as a live cd and see if the problem persists, if so, then it isn't the kernal. If the problem does persist, then go with an earlier version of ubuntu until the bug gets fixed.
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    Similarf problem with Dell GX115

    My Dell GX115 exhibited strange screen behavior when I tried to run Ubuntu 9.10 from a live CD.

    Whenever I moved the cursor to a menu and made a selection and after the menu disappeared there would be a square portion of the screen that had a hole in it showing the part of the menu I had clicked. The background picture did not regenerate fully as it did in Ubuntu 8.04.

    This behaviour persisted with Ubuntu 10.04.

    Is this part of the same kernel problem and if so how will I find out when the problem is fixed?

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    Kernal Idea and more

    Thanks masonTX for that idea.
    I havnt had a recurrence today [yet] after reducing screen resolution to 1440x900.
    Will follow up kernel idea if it happens again.
    Am getting the feeling that it MAY be monitor related given the flicker and multi colors just before it goes black. Of course the GX260 - even with the last BIOS - has an old Intel 845 chipset and was marketed well before big wide screen monitors.
    The frustrating thing though is that it seems quite random. Doesnt happen for ages but yesterday it happened even before the password screen appeared ! Rebooted and all was OK.
    Will post again in a day or two.
    Thanks again.

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