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    Ubuntu doesn't recognize my partitions

    I have my pc partitioned as follows using acronis disk director-

    1-C- , primary, ntfs used for my windows xp
    2-D- fat32 used for my windows data
    3- unpartitioned (i had this partitioned as ext3 for installing ubuntu, but removed it to try and install on this unpartitioned space -unsuccessfully
    4-E- fat32 to be used for my ubuntu data
    5- i have this formatted to ext3 and have suse linux installed here
    6- F- Fat32 used for my suse linux data
    7- G- fat32 used for more of my windows xp data
    8-H - fat32 used for more of my windows xp data
    9- I - fat32 used for more of my windows xp data
    10 - linux swap
    11- unallocated

    when i used the distro mode of ubuntu 10.10, the "places" sees the partitions - but sudo fdisk -l only shows the one drive without any partitions - which is the same during any type of install - it only sees one drive with one large partition which won't let me install on partition 3. gparted also only shows one drive, with one partition. I don't want to install there because i'm thinking it will wipe out my parition definitions and make my disk data dissapear.

    Any ideas?


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    Sounds like you are using dynamic disk support in Windows. I think Ubuntu is going to need a real partition on the hard drive to work. You may find a Wubi install works ... but better to have a separate Linux partition for the Ubuntu install. You can probably resize the physical partition on the hard drive using your Windows partition manager.

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    can you boot into SuSe and run fdisk-l , is it correct ? post results.

    Are you using acronis boot manager " I think it has one" or any other one, and telling it to hide any partitions ?

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    I can't really just post the results because I don't yet know how to copy / paste. I don't have my internet connection working yet because my
    dlink dwa125 won't connect (the vendor says there isn't a linux driver) and so I can't publish it directly to the website.

    here is what i got on my screen after fdisk -l

    /dev/sda and a lot of info about my hard drive.

    from to blocks type description
    /dev/sda1 1 31xxxxxx 31xxxxxx f/b/83/linux/fat32/ntfs
    ... (sda2,3 etc) some linux, some fat32
    /dev/sda12 10xxxxxx 10xxxxxx linux

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    Lostfarmer, I have been able to save a couple screenshots into .png files
    I can't seem to paste them here, but i can translate here for you:
    disk /dev/sda 500.1 gb
    x heads, sectors,cylinders,units,bytes,sector size,disk identifier

    /dev/sda1 * 1 3917 31463271 7 hpfs/ntfs
    /dev/sda2 3918 56139 419473215 f w95 ext'd (lba)
    /dev/sda3 23501 27417 31463302+ 83 linux
    /dev/sda5 3918 11750 62918541 b w95 fat32
    /dev/sda6 11751 15667 31463271 83 linux
    /dev/sda7 15668 23500 62918541 b w95 fat32
    /dev/sda8 27418 35250 62918541 b w95 fat32
    /dev/sda9 35251 43083 62918541 b w95 fat32
    /dev/sda10 43084 50916 62918541 b w95 fat32
    /dev/sda11 50917 54833 31463271 b w95 fat32
    /dev/sda12 54834 56139 10490413 83 linux

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    Your partition setup is very poor. You have sda3 (start sector=23501 with end sector=27417) and it is inside of sda2 extended. I have no idea just how you set it up that way because no partition program that I have will permit it. If you used 'acronis' to set up partitions, it is very poorly written. I have seen this before and it did work for him.

    Very likely the above is the reason you are haveing problems but do not know how to fix it. It is posible 'testdisk' would work , convert sda2 to a logical vollume but it could cause data loss. It would also change partition numbers.

    Wait and hope some one else may have a good idea.

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