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    Issues with installation!


    I have been having issues for a day now, recently I removed 9.04 to upgrade to 10.10, im duel booting my original OS (Win7) and trying to put Ubuntu 10.10 on it, I put in a disk I burned the .iso on, and it loaded smoothly, i then chose the download to hard disk option, it proceeded to the ubuntu loading screen and so I wait, then it begins to finish and all of the sudden my screen goes completely berserk (little green squiggly lines in small boxes, along with messed up looking parts of my windows background pop up) and it freezes, and I waited for about an hour (Never had this issue downloading 9.04)

    I even tried using a USB boot, and they ended the same.... Can I get some help?

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    Did you Md5sum the ISO before you burned the cd or used it to make the usb.
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    I did not.

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    Md5sum checks for corrupted Iso download so would be a good idea to check it.
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    I just checked it, and the hashes are not equal. What should I do to fix that?

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    Download a new copy, maybe from a different mirror as the one you have is corrupted - or altered
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    kk! Thank you very much for the help!!

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    Download this "Universal-USB-Installer-" idk if this will help but this is USB creator it will help you to discover where to download .ios form and + makes sure that you create proper USB installer

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    kk.. So i downloaded a version where the hashes matched, then i burned it to a disk and loaded the boot up and it is STILL doing it... I almost cried lol... I checked the disk for errors and its still saying there are no errors :/

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    You may be experiencing a graphics issue. Try using the alternate install download. Another option is to try Ultimate, which is ubuntu with all the wistles and bells, meaning all drivers already included. If that doesn't work, go to and try some other distro's, with hundreds to choose from, something will work.
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