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    Question how to mount downloaded games and play?

    Okay so I have a few questions on how to get to play games on Ubuntu.

    I was wondering how to play downloaded games for windows to work with Ubuntu. I have play on Linux but I need to know how to mount to an iso and go from there. It has been pretty frustrating on how to get things to work; also I do not have a disk drive.

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    windows programs won't run on Linux (Ubuntu) by default and you will need to install a program such as wine which may or may not work with whatever windows games you are talking about.

    You don't have a disk drive? meaning no hard drive? How are you running Ubuntu? CD/DVD/USB ?

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    I have an asus netbook. I have play on linux and wine and can install games but I cant play them. I am assuming i need to mount them in an iso but I cant figure out how.

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    I have play on linux and wine and can install games but I cant play them
    That's contradictory! Either you can play them or you can't. Are you saying you have played these games on another computer with Linux?

    What specific games are you referring to?
    Repeating what I asked above, do you mean you have no hard drive?
    Are you using a flash drive?
    I don't know why you think you need to mount an iso image. An iso image of what?
    Could you give more specifics on exactly what you are trying to do?

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    Mount an iso file

    It sounds like you are asking how to mount an iso file.

    mount -t iso9660 -o loop /path/to/file.iso /mnt/point/

    You may need privileged mode and the mount path needs to exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joebowhunter View Post
    I have an asus netbook. I have play on linux and wine and can install games but I cant play them. I am assuming i need to mount them in an iso but I cant figure out how.
    Joe, saying you can install games implies that you have a writable drive. This is what is confusing people who are trying to help you. If you have a writable drive and can do installs, then you should be able to play the installed game. If you do not have a writable drive, then the install is not working and you probably are not recognizing the error message.

    If you are booting your machine from a DVD or CD drive, then you are using the "Try Linux" feature, which is a means of seeing how it works without actually erasing anything on your hard drive. You could actually mount the machine's hard drive, but I think that's beyond the scope of your question.

    We need more information in order to be able to give decent advice. If you are booting from a DVD/CD, could you confirm this? Also, if you don't put in the DVD/CD and boot the system, what happens?

    ALSO, games are written to display in the window manager you have loaded, not that most won't manage to play even if you are in the wrong one. But if you load a GNOME game in KDE, it may not know how to stick the game in the start menu. So we need to know, UBUNTU, KUBUNTU, XBUNTU, or what? Which version you are running wouldn't hurt. Also what game did you install? Do you happen to know which window manager it was created for?

    Give us something to work with and you'll get more help.

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    Sorry for being so confusing guys, and I appreciate all of the help. I am on an ASUS 1008HA netbook running Ubuntu netbook ed. as my OS. I have a 160gb ssd also. The game I am trying to play is dragon age origins. I have a windows version that is downloaded but I cant figure out how to play it. I can install it on play on linu but not sure where to go from there.

    I hope this information helped and I apologies for being confusing/laking of knowledge. I have only been using linux for less than a year and I try and learn things as I go on.

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    Ok, got some things answered. So, did you have Windoze on the machine and install Linux over it? Are you dual-booting? You see, if you installed a Windoze game in a Windoze partition, how do you expect Linux to know about it? Play on Linux assumes you installed the Windoze game on the Linux partition. (I've never used POL, but I think it works with WINE to run Windoze games, which means you'd have to have WINE as well.)

    SO, here are some more questions. 1) Which Linux edition? I'm not a Netbook user, so it would help me to understand what you are doing, as in Ubuntu 10.10, or whatever. 2) Free space on your SSD drive? 3) How many OSs? How many partitions? 4) DA installed on Windoze side, Linux side or both?

    Like I said, never used a "Netbook Edition" but it seems like it might be a stripped down version, perhaps lacking WINE. You say you've installed POL, but if POL requires WINE and you didn't install WINE, then it's not going to work. This is why you need to get REAL SPECIFIC with your hardware and software when asking for assistance. If you don't, we're going to play 20 questions for the next year or so.

    I also suggest you go to your favorite search engine and enter "Play on Linux" "Dragon Age". I found several links which seem to indicate compatibility issues and how to overcome them. I'd post the links myself, but the system won't let me.

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    I am not dual booting, I am running ubuntu 10.10 as my full os, and yes it is a lighter version than the desktop version. I installed the windose game wile having only ubuntu as my os. I also have 110gb of free space on my hard drive. I am not sure of the partitions, could you eplain what that is? I also do not understand your 4th question.

    If the question os too much I can just try to figure it out on my own. I don't mean to upset people with confusing questions

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    I don't mean to upset people with confusing questions
    No worries! We were all new to it at one point!

    Question: You said that you downloaded the game, and installed it.
    Does that mean that after the download completed, you successfully ran through the steps for installation?
    If so, then you may be able to find your game in an Applications menu, or a Games menu. (I'm not familiar with the screen layout of the Netbook Edition)

    If you didn't get an installation process, try going to your Downloads folder, or where ever you placed the file, and try right-clicking on it. I know that with Wine, you would see something like "Open with Wine Installer" or some such.

    If you get any error messages, please post the whole thing back here, and we'll have something to go on.

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