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    Manually upgrading kernel sources

    Hi all. First post.

    I haven't used Linux very much, so I'm not sure how to do this. I'm presently running the 2.6.24-26 version of the Linux kernel on Ubuntu. However, I need to upgrade to 2.6.32

    I have the source files (arch, block, firmware, drivers, kernel, include, etc), but I have no idea how to change the source of the kernel, or if there's an easier/automatic way to do this, and I specifically need the 2.6.32 version.

    Thanks in advance. I'm sure this is a fairly simple question, but as I said I've never had to do much management on any Linux machines. I've tried to find the answer on my own before registering here but I didn't turn up anything that gave me much of a clue.

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    Hello and Welcome.
    You can follow along this link but you must remember this is an example and you need to substitute the correct filenames and whatnot.
    How To Compile A Kernel - The Ubuntu Way | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

    Here is another one you may find useful also.
    HOWTO: Kernel Compilation for Newbies - Ubuntu Forums
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    Ubuntu has 2.6.32 in their repositories since lucid. See: Ubuntu -- Details of package linux-image in lucid. So if you run either lucid or maverick you should be able to apt-get upgrade easily. Unfortunatly 2.6.32 hasn't made it into karmic, so you would have to either compile/package it yourself or dist-upgrade to lucid or maverick. Beware: the newest (natty) doesn't include 2.6.32 anymore as they package linux-image >= 2.6.38. Hope this helps.

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