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    OS: Ubuntu 10.04

    I was installing directx via Wine, so that I could play this game.

    Game installed fine, so I installed it's updates. Suddenly, the USB ports provide power only. Nothing pops up on the screen when I attach my flash drive. The led on the flash no longer flickers; it stays on. USB mouse does not work.

    lsusb detects the ports but not the devices. Tried adding


    to etc/modules..rebooted. Issue persists. Can't connect to the internet, as I was tethered via smartphone~usb...using phone to write this message. Also, I no longer have my Ubuntu CD.
    Any ideas?

    Thank you in advance.

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    In this case A does not imply B. Have you considered that it may be some other problem altogether, such as a hardware failure? Have you tried booting a Live CD/DVD to see if the mouse and such work?
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