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    Wireless Works in GNOME, but NOT in LXDE?

    so, I have this old (2000-ish) Tablet PC I Got from a friend, and decided to put Ubuntu on it. I decided I didn't like Gnome, So I went and downloaded LXDE. The problem is, my laptops internal wireless doesn't register for some reason. why would it work in Gnome, but not in LXDE? I tried adding a docklet to one of the panels, but the only device that shows is the onboard Ethernet port. This is probably a stupid question, but I'm new to this stuff. why does it not like LXDE?

    TL;DR Wireless doesn't work in LXDE, what do?

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    Need more info. Do you have Wicd installed in LXDE. MasonTex runs lubuntu so maybe he can help get you connected. The reason you were able to connect in Ubuntu is that Network Manager did the heavy lifting for connecting wireless.

    I think LXDE uses Wicd instead of Network Manager but I could be mistaken since I don't run LXDE. You can open terminal and type in

     sudo ifconfig -a
    to see if wireless shows up.

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