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    Banshee = fans running hard

    Hi All,
    I'm finally making the change away from rhythmbox for the now adopted Banshee and I'm noticing that my fans run really hard when I'm running banshee. I'm monitoring speeds and don't notice a huge increase in temp but the fans none the less run hard. CPU usage is running around 6% for banshee not nearly enough to cause this. Any suggestions? I have a fairly large laptop so having the fans run hard make it a bit loud when around others. Thanks all
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    Do you have the "library watcher" enabled in Edit>Preferences>Extensions ?

    There was a bug report that it was very buggy and sometimes causes memory leaks. I don't know if it was fixed yet, but maybe this could be your problem.

    Instead of using Library Watcher, if you do use it (which don't work very well, AT ALL), you can just go to Tools>Rescan Music Library and it will do the exact same thing. Just the difference here is that it is a manual thing as opposed to it being done for you every time music is added to your set music directory and automatically applying it to your banshee music list.


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