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I understand that, my friend, but the point of the discussion slipped a bit by you:
I know how to do this. i am using dual boot, etc.
But the problematic windows-es are at people who don't know how to do that. i cannot [yet] teach my 14 year old brother to use linux. and he manages to get viruses and stuff. already tried once (to get him to use linux). he got bored and in one week abandoned booting in Linux. i'll try again in a a few years. Right now i'm lobbying my dad (50y+) to switch to linux. but now, i need to be able to do win fixing, and i want to do that using a linux usb [so we can get back on track here ]

I took ozar's and your (dE_logics)'s advice, and installed stuff from those two sources. looking forward to get some time to test them on my PC... i probably should find an infected one as well :P.

Anyway, if this thread can be kept open, any new suggestions are welcomed one. Thanks again
I don't find any way to fix Windows.. it cant be fixed, only Bill Gates knows how to fix it. As a result I prefer the backup and restore technique.

I make easy to use scripts for my clients, so a reformat is a click away (I can give you that if you want).

I always backup a fresh install of Windows.