This is strange. Currently running a Web server on Ubuntu 10 LTS. Current Web site is *.htm file extensions. The new site that I'm trying to put in place is running *.html extensions. I don't feel that this is a directory index issue since the index page properly displays along with 85% of the linked pages.

When I copy and paste the new HTML in to /var/www some of the Web pages will display and other's cannot be found. In the browser I receive a page load error. The pages are on the server; however, for whatever reason, Apache2 is not finding them. I have stopped and restarted the Apache2 Daemon and for the life of me, cannot figure this one out.

I have placed the new site on a development Apache Server on a Mac Snow Leopard Apache instance and it runs fine. I'm at a loss, any ideas?

As soon as I delete and replace the contents of /var/www with the old site, it runs just fine. It's been awhile since I've messed with this box and cannot seem to even locate the Directory Index in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf.