I'm trying to set up a cluster of 12 mashines to crack a raw-md5 encoded password using djohn (Distributed version of John the ripper). I'm having a problem configuring the clients to use the correct format. The patch for John is necessary of course, since the normal version can't crack raw-md5.
Encrypting a password in raw-md5 and giving it to djohn causes the clients to give a few warnings, one of which is:
Warning: detected hash type "lm", but the string is also recognized as "raw-md5"
Use the "--format=raw-md5" option to force loading these as that type instead

--format=raw-md5 can't be passed as an argument to a djohn client
The djohn README contains some information how to configure the john instances, which are started by the djohn clients. There is a john-ini from djohn, which replaces the john.ini from john. john.ini normally contains the information on how to crack the pw. There are some of the default arguments already, like Wordlist, Idle, etc.
Adding a line "Format=raw-md5" however does not stop him from using lanman (lm).

This will be a project for the open day at our university. Any help would be appreciated.