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Thread: Audio and video

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    Cool Audio and video

    I have recently removed my Windows XP completely and installed the latest Ubuntu 11.04 version. I have installed the gstreamer codecs that came up when I tried to play my mp3 files. But, the sound is not clear. I can hear "brrrr..." when playing music. My video playback is not smooth. I also installed the Ubuntu restricted extras but they also could not improve the performance of audio as well as video. I also installed vlc media player but with no difference. Also, there is no Rythmbox in 11.04 as was the case with 10.04. Please suggest me the best possible solution. Are there other media players that can solve the issue or better codecs? Please reply...!!!

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    I have a similar problem which only started after I had installed Skype.
    When Skype is running, there is often a slight buzzing with the audio for all audio files.
    When I switch off Skype, the problem goes away.
    Skype is a proprietary program, so no-one knows what can be going on inside it to cause such issues, if it is causing anything at all.
    If you have Skype, try uninstalling it and see if the problem goes away.

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    I have not installed Skype. The problem only occurs when I play the music or video on the computer or on youtube or anywhere else. When I don't play any kind of audio or video the system remains quite.

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    You can still get Rhythmbox if you like, you can also get vlc media player as an alternative for the default Movieplayer. These are available via the Software Centre, I believe. Certainly, 'Ubuntu Tweak' will allow you to add these non-default programs. These programs may have different ways of handling audio.
    If the problem remains with all of these different audio and video programs, then this indicates it is likely to be something different from software.
    It could well be simply an odd combination of hardware, or even just a minor fault in part of your hardware that doesn't show up audio problems with earlier or different OSs.
    A 'simple' clean reinstallation of the operating system may cure the problem, as might a switch to an earlier version of Ubuntu (10.10 for example).
    You could try different flavours of Ubuntu and perhaps other Linux distros by using the Live Disc at boot. This way no change will be made to your existing (and presumably otherwise satisfactory) installation. It is a cheap and effective method of trying alternatives, and the only cost is a bit of downloading and a blank cd or two.
    If you find the problem still happens no matter what different OS you try (Fedora. Mandrake, Ubuntu, etc, which I assume use different audio software), then maybe the problem is in fact in some part of the hardware.
    The only 'cure' for that might be to return the motherboard for replacement under warranty, or changing the motherboard yourself. This would have to be a last resort, of course, as substantial costs may be involved; and the above software trials don't necessarily point to the motherboard as the fault.
    Trying to pinpoint the cause of the problem using software to start with is a good place to start.
    One last thing, I understand that Ubuntu uses the Pulse audio these days, but older versions used ALSA. You might want to try switching to ALSA, though this has its own set of problems if you don't get it right, or can't undo an unsatisfactory change.
    Hope this helps.

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