I am very new to Ubuntu.
I have installed Ubuntu Server 10.10 with LAMP etc to setup a web server. I have installed Webmin BIND9 and ddclient to update my ip address with DynDns. I have two addresses with DynDns pointing to the same IP (one uses ddclient and the other is configured on my router)

I have thus far configured my router to forward https (Port 443) to my server and I have enabled DMZ Host on my router. I can now access my server via Webmin from anywhere using https the both dydns addresses followed by :10000

I need help setting up BIND9 as an active DNS Server to registras. I need to supply the registra with two name server hosts.

I also need help setting up the webserver to host websites.

All will be running on one machine. This is not for commercial use. Just for family use so i would also like to put in a nice user interface similiar to what web hosting companies use.

I have no idea where to start. Please help.