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    Natty Keeps Freezing

    Natty keeps freezing but I have NO IDEA what is causing it. Not sure how to find out, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated as this is causing several hard boots a day.....unacceptable for me
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    I'd run top or htop after booting with it open so I could see what is spiking maybe.

    Then I would look in /var/log maybe Xorg.0.log or Xorg.0.log.old and see if any video error messages and maybe look through dmesg files for good measure.

    Just a suggestion jmandero.

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    What kernel are you running as 2.6.38 seems to be "troublesome". You can find out by running
    uname -r
    in a terminal. I think Ubuntu keeps at least one previous kernel in the grub menu.
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