When I load Window Maker instead of GNOME in ubuntu 10.10 I am unable to get an internet connection via ethernet. My connection works just fine when I'm in GNOME. I've tried the following solution from another forum:

1. Login in to WindowMaker and from a terminal window, execute "docker &"
2. Now, drag the docker 'icon', close to the bottom of the WindowMaker dock (that's the thing, the group of icons, that you'll probably see on the top right). When you bring it close enough, the icon will attached itself to the dock (that is what i meant by 'docking the app' in my previous post).
3. Now right click the docked icon and select 'Settings' from the menu.
4. In the settings dialog select 'Start when Window Maker is started' and, if you want to, the 'Lock' option. Docker will now start automatically when you login into WindowMaker.
5. Make sure you have NetworkManager service enabled and running:

$ chkconfig NetworkManager on
$ service NetworkManager restart

6. Launch the nm-applet:
$ nm-applet &

This did not work, though my terminal said that NetworkManager was running. (Running the command line chkconfig NetworkManager on yielded a message that the command was not recognized, even though running just sudo NetworkManager produced a response that Network Manager was already running.)

Does anyone have any ideas? I love how much faster Window Maker is compared with GNOME, especially because since upgrading to 10.10 everything on my computer runs slower than in 10.04 but faster in Window Maker. Thank you.