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    Upgrade Problems with Natty Narwhal

    I upgrade to the new ubuntu today and when i booted the new desktop came up with the new launcher but there wasnt a taskbar along the top of the screen. When i started using the launcher on the left side of the screen, it froze. When i used docky to open programs they dont have the minimize maximize close buttons on the top and you cant grab the window and move it. I restarted and now have a desktop with the docky at the bottom of the screen and nothing else. Programs will open but still have no controls and cannot be moved. Some will appear at the top left corner half off and on the screen where i cant do anything with it. I had the macbuntu theme installed before upgrading and now cannot uninstall which i think may be my problem. Is there a way to fix it all?

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    I had been messing with this for about 2 weeks before I figured out how to switch to classic mode. Ubuntu seems to appear differently on some peoples computers. For one thing, I had no log out option. To log out press Alt + F2. Then paste the following into the text box and press enter:
    gnome-session-save --force-logout
    Once to the log in screen. If your computer is like mine, there still are no desktop options to be seen anywhere. At this point press Enter two times, and the desktop options will show up at the bottom of the screen. Choose the one you want(for instance classic is just like Ubuntu 10.10 default) and then log back in.

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    Didnt work. I logged out and when i pressed enter twice and it did nothing from both the desktop and log on screen. Also your alt+F2 command didnt work. I did open the terminal and type what you said which did log me out. You are talking about the new ubuntu "Natty Narwhal" correct? Because thats what this is for.

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