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    HELP! New Convertee with Bootloader install Failed

    Hi Guys

    I am a Windows Tech who's eyes have been opened to how good Ubuntu is, but now Im feeling my else shutting again

    I played with Ubuntu 11.04 on a VM earlier and decided to instead of installing win 7 on my new system I would install the unix OS.

    I have a Gigabyte i7 950 system with a 40GB SATA2 SSD and 2 x 2TB SATA2 disk mirror

    The 40 GB SSD is where I am trying to install the 11.04 OS.

    The install fails with the "Bootloader Install Failed". I have read comments online where you can 'continue' the install without the loader, but after selecting this option, it doesn't allow me to continue?? The only option that works is the 'Cancel the Installation' option.

    Any ideas?

    I was so so excited about installing Ubuntu today.. Win 7 is calling me


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    Not much information. At what point do you have problems? What option did you seelct for installation of the three available? Do you have anything else on the SSD?
    How were you planning to boot Ubuntu? If you don't install the Ubuntu bootloader, you will need to configure windows bootloader. Did you do that? How else would you expect it to boot?

    Did you get through the installation process to the point where you get the option to select where to install the bootloader? What did you select?

    I have read comments online where you can 'continue' the install without the loader
    I'd read that info over again. It's possible but you don't give enough information for anyone to be able to tell you if you can in your circumstances since we don't know them.

    Win 7 is calling me
    So go.

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    Thanks for your reply Yancek

    Yes I appreciate that my initial question may been a little vague..

    The system is brand new, no other OS has previously been installed.

    I chose the following options:

    Install Ubuntu
    I selected the 40GB SSD - Use the whole disk etc

    The install appears fine, literally all the way to the end, along the lines of 'installing bootloader', then bombs out - "Fatal Error".

    I have just gone through the same process again and non of the 3 options of the Bootloader Install fail menu work. There are selectable, but don't actually do anything?

    Any help or if more info is required, its appreciated!



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    I haven't installed Ubuntu 11.04 so have no specific knowledge of it. I have installed 10.10 a number of times. I don't know if the process has changed much or at all. In Ubuntu-10.10, booting the CD and selecting Try without installing and then clicking the Install Ubuntu icon gives you a welcome screen to select your language. Next is
    preparing to install Ubuntu with minimal requirements, then three options on how to install including specify partitions manually which gives the most control.

    After that you get the Allocate Drive Space window where you select a partition in the main window by clicking it to highlight it or clicking on unallocated/free space and clicking on Add to create a partition. You should then get another window in which you can set the partition size, filesystem type, mount point and select to format. At the bottom of the window, you will have Device for bootloader installation. Here you will need to select whatever the drive shows as for your 40GB drive. You should be able to tell which it is as the size in MB should show in the main window and your other drives are much larger. Is this the process you used?

    You could use the Ubuntu CD to get your drive/partition information which might help. From the Live CD Desktop, click the Applications tab and mouse down the options and look for Terminal, click it. I don't have Ubuntu now so can't be more specific on how to find it. Anyway in a terminal type: sudo fdisk -l (lower case Letter L in the command) post it here.

    Am I to understand that you have a 40GB SSD and two 2TB drive with no operating system on either? In your first post, you mention the option to not install the Ubuntu bootloader. Is that the plan? What else were you planning to install and how were you planning to boot. You will need a bootloader for your other system in order to access Ubuntu. I'm not really sure what your intentions are??

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