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Thread: files recovery

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    files recovery

    Hi all, I`m new to the linux OS
    I installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my PC. During the installation process i selected a partion on my hdd for swap , there i had some important files can i rocover it some how

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    Hello and Welcome.
    You can try using the Parted Magic distro, it has Testdisk and Photorec which should help you. Be sure and read the documentation first.
    downloads ? Parted Magic
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    There is an excellent package called GetDataBack - worthwhile trying.

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    GetDataBack would be a good first step. Otherwise, using a forensics Live CD would be a good next step. I recommend DEFT Linux.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pavelit View Post
    During the installation process i selected a partion on my hdd for swap , there i had some important files can i rocover it some how
    Hello and welcome aboard!

    If the system hasn't already been swapping data to that new SWAP partition, I'll bet TestDisk as recommended above by MikeTbob will be able to recover the old partition table and your data will still be there. The best way to know for sure is to try it and see what happens.

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    Trust the developers at:

    You may also navigate from the desktop menu to Disk Usage Analyser and in Preferences to see whether your file system is ext4 (most probably it is, but check it).

    Then Google search: data recovery ext4

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    I would suggest "foremost" forensic tool
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    +1 for testdisk ... but shutdown the system, disconnect the hard drive and boot from a live CD. Make sure you know how to boot the CD without using swap partition on the hard drive before you reconnect it

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    Totally agree with Jonathan183 on keeping access to that hard drive minimal.
    Because if you use the OS or try to install software to recover the files, chances are you may overwrite those files some more and make recovery near impossible.

    Your biggest concern is to protect the integrity of that hard drive.
    Slaving it into another computer is also advisable.

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