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    That is how it should look like when you press enter:

    Brad@Brad-desktop:~$cd /etc/network
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    Ok, it says:

    [sudo] password for brad:
    Then a long list of stuff, the only one that says network is /ect/network/interfaces.

    And by what linux, you mean what distro or version? Distro is Ubuntu (oviousley) and version is the latest (I don't know what number, but I downloaded it a few hours ago so...)

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    Forget about your Linux version. The important it that you have the file which you need to edit: /etc/network/interfaces

    I believe that you wrote it wrong again. It might be "etc" and not "ect".

    The following should work:
    Brad@Brad-desktop:~$cd /etc/network

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    It's working now .
    Well, I will do the rest of the things you said now.

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    Ok, now another problem at step 2 .
    It says:
    Brad@Brad-desktop:~$ $nano interfaces
    interfaces: command not found.
    Thanks for helping so much, and sorry it's taking so long.

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    It is gonna look like this:
    Brad@Brad-desktop:~$cd /etc/network

    Brad@Brad-desktop:~/etc/network$nano interfaces

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    Ok, both times it said "/etc/network: Is a directory", now what?
    Sorry if I am being a bit slow But thanks for your help so far.

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    I really do not know what you are doing wrong.
    Try like this:

    Brad@Brad-desktop:~$cd /etc
    Brad@Brad-desktop:~/etc$cd network
    Brad@Brad-desktop:~/etc/network$nano interfaces

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    Yeah it just said "Blah blah blah is a directory" all three times

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    Umm, sorry if this is a dumb question, but it says "brad@brad-desktop:~$ and then what I type" instead of just brad@brad-desktop:~ and then what I type"
    (The diffrence is the $ symbol)

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