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    Ubuntu Internet Problems

    Hi, I just got linux, so hi.

    Anyway, I installed it, and it's not letting me connect to the Internet.

    I don't really know what specs and that you need to know, so just reply and say what you need to know.

    Thanks, Mew.

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    Hello Mew,
    normally, you only have to set your ethernet configurations and dhcp.

    I believe this link will solve your problem:
    Good luck,

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    Umm, thanks, but I don't really understand it, could you please explain what I need to do in a bit, well, more newb friendly way?

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    Open a terminal first and then, go to the folder /etc/network:
    $cd /etc/network
    Then, edit the file interfaces. I do not know the editor (vi, nano, gedit) you have. So, try nano (for example):
    $nano interfaces
    Your file will probably look something like this:
    auto lo
     iface lo inet loopback
    iface eth0 inet static
    To save you have to press first "Crtl+x" and the "y" to save.

    Doing the same, edit /etc/resolv.conf. It will look something like:
    After that, type the following command line:
    $/etc/init.d/networking restart
    Then, reboot and it should work.
    $sudo reboot

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    Thanks for trying to help, but I am stuck at step one, it says "bash: /ect/network: No such file or directory".
    Is there any other way?

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    "bash: /ect/network: No such file or directory"

    You wrote it wrong, you should have written:
    $cd /etc/network

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    Yeah, it's still saying that, the whole terminal says:

    Brad@Brad-desktop:~$ $cd /ect/network
    Bash: /ect/network: No such file or directory


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    You did not write the "$", did you?

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    Yeah, I did.

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    Try the following command:
    sudo find / -name interfaces
    If you have the file, the address will be shown for you on the terminal.
    What is the Linux that you have, by the way?

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