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    Renaming Multipal Folders

    Hi Team,
    I have around 150+ folders in one directory. All contains some pdf files. Now i want to give some prefix no. to folder only not the files inside. How can i give the prefix to all my folders?

    ABC/ 8562-ABC/
    AABC/ 8562-AABC/

    Thank You,
    Parag Nehete.

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    It looks like a job for PERL!

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    Not can be done by shell script. But i dont knw scripting

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    Did you checked rename command ?
    man rename
    Or else you can do a script a like
    #find . -type d -exec mv {} {}-new \;
    If you have a dir with sub-dirs named 1,2,3,4,5 and after running above command you will get 1-new,2-new,3-new,4-ne,5-new.
    Please modify them to meet your requirement.
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    Thanks Lakshmi.....its really useful but actually i want to give the same no to all folders. Eg. There are 10 folders in one directory (Folder-1,Folder-2.......Folder-10) so i want to add "8953" to all folders.(8953-Folder-1 , 8953-Folder-2......8953-Folder-10)

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