Hi Experts,

I have a question about making a OpenNMS collector on Ubuntu. I enable ping test via ICMP, which means I can check the trending of Ping from resource graph. But for collecting the data (SNR, Link Cost) from the wireless switch, I'm not sure which protocol do I need to use, do I have to use SNMP? As I develop a Java script to capture the data from the switch before, it's based on TCP. The working procedures of this script is:

1. Connect to the wireless switch network
2. Create a session with login username/password with one switch
3. Capture the data based on the switch Java API
4. Save the data into a Excel file.

But I have to run the script manually every time, that's why I change to use ONMS for the data acquisition. This is my first time to use ONMS, I have enabled the node up/down email notification on ONMS. Now I'm focus on the collector. But back to the some question, I'm not sure how to create a new collector and capture the data from the wireless switch network.

This is the background info for the project, hope it may make you clear about my questions. Thanks.