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    Ubuntu not appearing in Windows XP bootloader

    Bit of a curious problem. I installed 32-bit 11.04 onto a HP desktop using the "install inside Windows" option. After it rebooted the only two options in the XP bootloader were "Windows XP" and "System Restore". Boot.ini looks correct with "C:\wubildr.mbr = "ubuntu"" under the normal windows one.

    I was hoping to keep the System Restore intact, and seeing as how with wubi Ubuntu is all compartmentalized inside Windows I though it would all work out.

    Is this an easy issue that I'm just too much of a scrub to know how to fix or is there just some incompatibility with whatever seemingly customized (looks a bit more complicated than the normal XP one) windows bootloader that this HP has?

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    Cannot boot into Ubuntu

    Due to current issues with Grub2 and Wubi installs, it is advisable not to update packages grub-pc and grub-common. If you have already done so, you may find that Ubuntu no longer boots. You may also see a Grub rescue prompt and be unable to boot either Windows or Ubuntu. For help resolving these issues, please see the following: [wubi] Wubi megathread - Ubuntu Forums

    Never try to correct Wubi boot problems by reinstalling Grub2. This will prevent Windows from booting and will not fix the Wubi install.

    Ubuntu cannot be booted if Windows has not been shut down cleanly, you have to clear the Windows filesystem from Windows (there is no chkdsk equivalent for Linux yet). If Wubi fails to start, boot into Windows, run chkdsk /r from Windows on the same drive where you installed Ubuntu, shutdown cleanly and then try to boot into Ubuntu again.

    Note that sometimes files are moved by Windows into a hidden folder called C:\found.000. You need to have C:\ubuntu\disks\root.disk and C:\ubuntu\disks\boot. If you do not see those, look for found.000. You need to change the Windows Explorer settings to be able to see hidden folders first, then move the files from found.000 to their original location.

    Make sure you did not install on a RAID array or in an encrypted disk. Also make sure you did not install using an Alternate or DVD ISO.

    Taken from

    I don't wubi. So not much help.

    Good luck.
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