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    I've been using live USB distro of ubuntu for about a year, but before that was using a live compactflash disto since 2002 (basically a copied & remastered liveCD of knoppix on the compactflash card which appeared as a CD via the IDE interface)

    When I tried the liveUSB with persistance, I ran out of space very quickly on a 1 gig thumbdrive, so I tried no persistance and I didn't run out of space on my thumbdrive....until this happened. Seems like the aufs filesystem should've been configured to have more unused space because of all the RAM I have.

    And yes I know 1 gig is a small size for a thumbdrive, but that shouldn't be an issue if I have a lot of ram, right?

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    Sigh... RAM has nothing to do with storage space. With no persistence, you can only save files temporarily. To do that, install a ramdisk, and you can use that as temporary storage, which will be emptied when you reboot, as the RAM is wiped. That is probably what you've been doing all along, using tmpfs, which is sort of like using a ramdisk.

    I think I've reached the limit of my ability to help here, so maybe HROAdmin26 can finish up.

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