I have recently started using Linux. I started with Fedora, but switched to Ubuntu as it seemed to have a better interface.

I have just installed Ubuntu 11.04 and am trying to do two things with my iphone 4.

1)Transfer music to the iPhone
When I plug the iphone in, it mounts and is recognised and two icons appear on the desktop: "iPhone" and "Documents on iPhone".

If I start Rhythmbox there are three identical pop ups asking me to intialise my iphone , which appear to do nothing, and then the iphone is not listed in the Rythmboc tree.

I have tried many forums and tried numerous things but I cannot get Rythmbox to list my iPhone as a device.

I have libimobiledevice2 installed

2) Tether my iphone to Ubuntu

When plugging in my iPhone in, it attempts to connect as eth1, but fails. I have visited iPhoneEthernetDriver Diego Giagio Personal Website - and followed the instructions, but I i cannot make the files. I suspect this is because I have libimobiledevice2 and the make file is specifying libimobiledevice

My knowledge of linux is not advanced enough to let me get any further. Can someone please help?