So, my mouse wasn't working because i closed the terminal while it was running an automated function on the mouse, which meant i couldn't use the mouse to shut-down the computer or restart it. because i'm kind of an idiot, i decided to just shut it down manually using the power button without using the
PHP Code:
sudo shutdown -n now 
command, and now when i start the computer, it allows me to select the user, and type in the password, but when it starts, there is no window box around the windows, and the keyboard doesn't work. so, no windows, and no keyboard, but everything else seems fine... oh, and for some reason the workspaces went from 2, to 1. So, please help, SOS, in distress, ty preeez

ps. ctrl+alt+f2 opens a terminal, and the keyboard works, so i can do stuff from there, but i just have no idea what the problem could be... help please, thx